About Me

Writer, photographer, artist, beagle-loving animal advocate, vegan and medium-in-training

This is the second incarnation of The Orange Chair. In its first life, it ran for a little over a year and totaled almost 200 posts. I stopped writing in the summer of 2010, after a close friend’s suicide, because for all I thought I knew, I realized I didn’t know a damn thing.

I’ve lost 2 more friends to suicide since then and now I know for sure that I don’t know a damn thing. One thing I do know is that not writing doesn’t help anything. The private writing I did do proved to be the catalyst that repeatedly got me through that fire. And it’s cheaper than therapy.

For a PDF file of all the earlier blogs, click here: The Orange Chair Collection

Most of the photography used in my blog is my own original work. Clicking on a photo will take you to my gallery, karalgregory photography, where you can browse or purchase prints.

All writing and artwork on this site belong to me unless otherwise stated. If you would like to reuse my work in another forum, please write to me and I am happy to work with you. Please don’t use my work without my permission ~ it’s bad karma!


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